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GIFTA is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improve the daily lives of people in the Middle East through innovation and Technology Advancement. We aim to provide a body to help Technology professors, students, researcher, and business interested in innovation  to have an active role  in shaping the future of Technology sectors in the Middle East

By working with local research institute at targeted developing country (Palestine), GIFTA will help identify IT capabilities and resources. By working with research institutes at developed countries, GIFTA will help match IT capabilities with research ideas, the needed funds, combined with the needed leadership and coaching to execute successful research initiatives.

Although there are several well established organizations and programs addressing the digital divide, GIFTA's uniqueness is in its approach. We are working to help targeted developing countries to become active contributor in Technology Advancement. By helping their local Universities and Research Institutes to execute state of the art technology research, we are helping to shape their opportunities and capabilities.

GIFTA has a flat structure. To enabale collaporation, GIFTA created a discussion board. Information posted on this discussion board is open for view by the public. For help on joining our discussion board, please click here

News: GIFTA's Board of Directors appeared at ART Downstairs Café on November 17, 2005. The segment topic was about GIFTA and its role in advancing innovation and technology in the Middle East. Click here to watch the segment.  

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