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GIFTA's vision is to help people in the Middle East to advance
through innovation and technology. GIFTA's membership is open to
anyone who believes in our vision, goals, and objectives. But
because our focus in specialty and location, we expect our US
members to belong to the one of the following categories and have
ties and interest in that part of the word:

=> Scientists and Researchers
=> Universities professors
=> University students focus on science and technology
=> Technology professionals and consultants
=> Technology Business owners
=> US Technology enterprises employee, managers, and VPs

GIFTA will provide services to its members. Membership model will be
based on yearly fee. GIFTA will only begin to collect membership
fees after reaching the following two conditions:

=> Form internal structure capable of dealing with dues management
=> Have a very well define service model

US Membership Services

1. A yearly conference focus on Innovation and Technology
Advancement as it relates to GIFTA's goals and objectives
2. Patent services and legal advice as it relates to innovation and
3. Research support and sponsorship
4. Technology incubation support
5. Free access to member's web site that allow professional
internetworking and collaborations




We are accepting memebership applications.

To become a member please fill in GIFTA online memebership application

Do not send any payment now. GIFTA is offering a free memebrship until we are ready internally to process dues and can offer memebership's services















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