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Special Curriculum in Cyber Defense at Birzeit University

George Mason University in collaboration with Global Institute for Technology Advancement; GIFTA submitted proposal for collaboration between GMU and Beirzeit Universities in developing a Special Curriculum in Cyber Defense at Birzeit University. The project is being proposed to the U.S.- Middle East University Partnerships Program seeking a fund around 200K for 3 years period.

Part of GIFTA's contribution to the project is to:

1- Help create, design, and fund Information Technology research lab in Beirzeit University from local Palestinian businesses.

2- Expand the project to other Palestinian Research Centers and Palestinian Universities.

Project abstract can be found at

Thanks for those who joined our effort. For those who did not but want to join, please submit your on-line application at

Project Objectives:

1.      Develop an Information Security specialty track within the computer Science department in Beirzeit University

2.      Prepare curriculum and enhance Beirzeit faculties' capabilities to lead and deliver IT security courses.

3.      Assist in developing a core Palestinian expert team in the area of IT security. (Attack and defense mechanism)

4.      Set the stage for future research and collaboration between GMU and Beirzeit in this field.

5.      Provide feedback and help enhance GMU developed course IT 499. Information on this course can be found at user name and password can be provided per direct request.

 Parties involved:

1.      School of Information Technology and Engineering, George Mason University .   George Mason University is recognized as one of the leading universities in the field of IT security. It offers many security classes and engaged in many research activities in the field of IT security. For information on GMU ITE school please visit: Dr. Edgar Sibley ( will represent GMU through this collaboration effort. For information on Dr. Sibley please look at his web site located at

2.      Computer Science Department, Beirzeit University . Beirzeit University is one of the biggest Palestinian universities. Currently has 7 active faculties and offer many courses that lead to a Bachelor degree in computer science. For more information on Beirzeit Computer Science department, its faculty, courses, and labs please visit  Dr. Yousef Hassouneh ( will represent the department on all communication related to this project. Dr. Yousef web site can be found at:

3.      Global Institute for Technology Advancement (GIFTA). GIFTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting technology advancement to improve the daily lives of people in developing countries. Currently GIFTA's focus country is Palestine . GIFTA's goal is to help the Palestinian people become active in the area of Technology Advancement. For more information on GIFTA please visit its web site at: Mr. Issam Andoni ( will represent GIFTA in all communication related to this project. Issam's web site can be found at

  Collaboration techniques:

1.      E-mail is the main tools of communication.

2.      Internet collaboration (chat and phone over IP) can take place through SkyPe. You can down load free copy of SkyPe from


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